Sustainable water for all

The atmosphere holds a lot of water. Just like other natural water sources, it is tapped and refilled continuously. Nature is always striving for balance, so if moisture is extracted, water is evaporated from Earth's surface to restore that balance.

Atmospheric water is part of the solution to fight water scarcity with new sustainable water. True, to extract it without waiting for rain needs energy. But on the other hand, energy is saved by not having to transport water long distances via costly pipelines.

Atmospheric water can be produced and used on-the-spot. In cities, on residential and factory rooftops, in inland and coastal regions. Both private and public entities can pitch in and share responsibility for producing clean sustainable water.

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Atmospheric water addresses four of the Global Goals

6 Clean Water. By setting up atmospheric water production locally, water can be made available basically anywhere on earth where there are people. The water will be clean, pollution-free and plenty.

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. Atmospheric water enables sustainable local water production on city rooftops. This helps cities become self-supporting in water. With rooftop water production, groundwater levels can rebound quicker, and surrounding regions will be less exploited for water.

12 Responsible Consumption and Production. Atmospheric water is a sustainable water resource, and when made available to producing companies, less unsustainable groundwater extraction will occur.

14 Life below water . Atmospheric water offers an alternative to desalination which has a negative impact on marine life when brine is put back into the ocean. Less desalination means less interference with marine eco-systems.

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Cleaner water

Atmospheric water is free of many contaminants often found in groundwater, riverwater or seawater. Heavy metals, agricultural pesticides or medicine residues are too heavy to fly.

With the right technology, such as scrubbing and distillation from Drupps, atmospheric water is one of the cleanest water sources available to us.

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Less distribution = less CO2 emission

Atmospheric water is local by nature – it can be produced where it is wanted. There is no need fort large distrubutions networks, saving heavy investments and CO2 emissions for the energy needed to transfer it.

The ability to work anywhere enables sharing of responsibility for providing clean water to society. Both public and private entities can do it.

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