Drupps closes deal in South East Asia
7 January 2021

Drupps seals deal in South East Asia

7 January 2021

Drupps has sealed its first deal in South East Asia. The customer is a multinational company and one of the region's largest industrial conglomerates. The deal was signed in December 2020.

Drupps will deliver an advanced mobile unit producing distilled-quality water, and it will be used for verification and testing in various settings and locations.

This deal is the first in a potential series of steps in which Drupps establishes and strengthens its position in the ASEAN market, one of the world's most vibrant developing markets with 700 million people and a total GDP of 10 trillion US dollars.

Drupps envisions its unique technology and concept for scalable mass production of cost efficient high-quality water from the atmosphere to become a key component in the global effort to mitigate accelerating water scarcity challenges that is affecting a wide range of industries and sectors worldwide, from food and beverage to urban development.

For more details and information, please contact CEO Peter Silfwerbrand at +46-70-652-3553 or peter.silfwerbrand@drupps.com.

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11 May 2020