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Powerful absorption technology

Our solutions are based on Drupps Concept, a unique and patented technology for scalable production of water from the atmosphere.

It processes ambient air and absorbs its moisture, before extracting it as high-quality water of food-grade purity in a series of steps including distillation.

Drupps Concept uses a modular approach that enables unlimited water production in almost any climate condition.

Two Solutions

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Drupps Electric

Drupps Electric is a solution for scalable water production that runs 100% on electricity. It has a world-leading energy efficiency for production of water from the atmosphere. 

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Drupps Thermal

Drupps Thermal is a solution for scalable water production with the ability to combine thermal energy and electricity to reach a very low operating cost. 

Energy Efficiency

Drupps Electric

Drupps Electric is a comparatively simple installation – just add power and you are ready to go. Please note these numbers are only indicative of a full-size installation assuming a constant climate and no external factors.

Please contact us directly to get accurate details of your specific installation.

Drupps Thermal

In Drupps Thermal the water extraction module runs on thermal heat. Its absorbing modules are electric.

How does Drupps compare to competing AWGs?

Read more about energy efficiency comparison and how it works here.

Climate Adaptation

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Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of Drupps moisture absorption depends on the quality of ambient air. The more moisture content in the air, the less energy is needed to produce water. This chart describes energy efficiency of the moisture absorption as a function of temperature and relative humidity.

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Capacity per Absorber

This chart summarizes the moisture absorbing capacity of one Drupps absorption module as a function of ambient air quality. The number of modules needed in each installation will depend on your total installed water production capacity and your local climate conditions.

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High-quality water

Drupps water comes from the atmosphere, which does not harbour common water pollutants such as heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, medicine and hormone residues.

In addition, Drupps applies a unique series of purification steps that guarantees water of food-grade purity even in tough smog conditions. These steps remove even the smallest airborne particles and organisms, by combining mechanical filtering, running air through liquid and evaporation. 

As an extra protective post-production layer the produced water is filtered through active carbon filtering and UV-sterilization.


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