This is Drupps Concept

Drupps Concept is a novel technology that takes atmospheric water generation to a new level in terms of energy efficeincy, scalability and operational climate range.

It is based on two unit types - humidity absorption (A) and water extraction (B). These are combined in various combinations to enable limitless and efficient water production in each installation's specific climate conditions.

In A, humidity is absorbed from ambient air by a hygroscopic fluid. Its concentration and hygroscopicity can be altered continuously to optimize cost efficiency as weather conditions change.

In B, absorbed humidity is extracted by boiling in vacuum pressure and distilled as 100% pure water.


Perfectly pure water

Drupps Concept employs a unique set of purification steps that enables perfect water purity even in tough air conditions.

The absorbing liquid carrying the absorbed humidity is treated througgh the following steps: 1) Mechanical filtering, 2) Scrubbing, 3) Chemical filtering, 4) Evaporation, 5) Active carbon filtering, and 6) UV-sterilization.

Drupps water is often cleaner than groundwater, river water or seawater, as there are no heavy metals, pesticides, or hormones in air. Compounds or organisms that are airborne are efficiently trapped, killed and removed in the purification process.

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